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PrePress Offsetplates Production

  • CTP + conventional plate processors
  • Transport table solutions and plate-stackers
  • Film processors
  • Filter systems for film and plate/CTP processing system
  • Copy boxes and plate copy frames
  • Accessories and consumables

NORSCREEN- Filmprocessors and Online Systems
We are supporting and servicing the Norscreen equipment world-wide. A big spare part stock guarantees a fast reaction time. A fast track spare part delivery is available.

Colenta- ART- Film and Plate processing systems
As the former technical support manager of Colenta -ART we offer a very high level of  technical support on Colenta products .Our comprehensive spare parts stock allows us to offer a fast track spare parts supply.

SCHÜTTLER-BRAY - Online Transporter
We took over the activities of this online transporter manufacturer and provide a high level of  technical support with the advantage of providing a fast track spare parts delivery service.

We offer New equipment, Used equipment, Service, Spare parts, Consumables, Accessories made by the following manufacturers:

• Anitec

• Colenta

• FujiFilm

• Advand

• Danagraf

• GfR

• Agfa

• Dürr Technik

• Grafoteam


• DuPont

• Advand Systeme

• Alphalith

• Ehrenreich + Dürk

• Glunz+Jensen

• Ajax

• Echographic-Hope

• Haase

• Bray

• Ferpa

• Heights



Plate- and Film- Setter
We can offer used equipment manufactured by the following manufacturers:

• Agfa

• Dainippon-Screen

• FujiFilm

• Barco


• HeidelbergPrePress

• Creo